For Every Rose

For Every Rose a Thorn + Nothing Ends

enamel pin set

A set of enamel pins designed as tribute to the hit videogame, Destiny. It references game lore regarding two obtainable weapons. Thorn, a weapon of darkness created from the corruption of a noble hero, and Lumina, a weapon of light created from the purification of a corrupted Thorn.

The emblem attached to each gun references their origins. The iconic Thorn bullet pierces through a noble rose, while a bloodied hand holds the burden of restoring the noble intention of the weapon.

When working on fan projects, I always try to tie in small easter eggs to reward fans who look closely. I have received a lot of positive feedback on this and other work for my attention to details.

there was once a man,

and in his hand, held a rose

design process

In the original drafts the design of the rose was quite different, however in the the end I chose to create a design that resembled the lines of the Lumina and Thorn guns more over a realistic rose. I made sure to draw the petals with similarity so there is a clear narrative between the two pins, tying them together.

backing cards

I was even careful to put references in the backing cards of the pins. The Lumina pin backing is very soft and ethereal, it contains a depiction of the phases of the moon to represent change and transformation. Thorn is accompanied by hellish jagged artwork that represents the weapon’s single-minded destructive persona.

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