the Syzygy

the Syzygy

fan poster

Fan art based on the story of the popular video game Destiny. Featured are the youthful figures of the main Hive faction antagonists, before they became terrifying gods.

In the game’s story, there were three sisters, one a brave knight who slew monsters, the second was a clever witch who listened to oracles dictated by a worm husk, and the last was a brave and noble navigator who desired to map the galaxies and obtain the knowledge to free her and her people from the weakness of death.

creative proccess

For my drawings I often sketch out several concepts and layout ideas before I begin layering on elements. I always start with the elements that have the most visual weight and importance. After I add on background and secondary elements in different colours so I can keep them segregated in my mind. This is important when I apply the ink and colour in the final step so I can keep in mind distinctive shapes, patterns, and consider depth and lighting.

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